Gilchrist Suffered Severe Brain Damage

The Gilchrist family wants to thank the Doctors and Staff at the Sports Legacy Institute and the Boston University Center for the study of Traumatic Encephalopathy for their tireless work in researching the effects of repeated head trauma. The research they are conducting will undoubtedly improve the lives of future generations of athletes, at all levels of competition, from childhood to the professional ranks.  The results from the research conducted by the study also provide needed closure for many families.

Many former athletes and their families have suffered in silence from the effects of CTE. While the Athlete suffers the physical effects of CTE, their family and friends suffer emotionally watching their loved ones fade away, with symptoms that range from episodes of forgetfulness to violent outbursts. Soon the person that they knew, no longer exists. The families go from being wives, sons or daughters to becoming caretakers. For many that have played contact sports, prior to the movement and research started by the Center for the study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, it is too late to protect them from the harmful effects of CTE. But their families can now be well informed and prepared for how to handle what lies before them. We highly recommend that, if possible, all families of former athletes take part in the study’s brain donation program. Only through continued research will they truly be able to protect the future generations of athletes.

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  1. Antok

    There is a lot of athlete detsriivy in beliefs about TBI statistics. And athletes, most of them anyway, are not paying attention. Mainly because the game is how they make their living and they don’t want to bash it. There are lots of sportswriters who don’t want to bash TBI. Might make it difficult for them to get the interviews that they get. But statistics show it is a problem, a growing problem. Dave Duerson an All Pro DB from a while back took his life, but donated his brain to a group doing research on TBI.

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